Wrapping Up My Paint


The question I get asked, almost more than any other one, is “how to you keep your oil paint workable?” Oil paint is expensive, so the question is understandable!

There are two ways I keep my paint workable for a bit longer, one for plein air painting, and one for my studio paint. Both have one thing in common: Stretch-Tite! At the end of the day in my studio, I clean my glass palette with a razor blade, thinner, and towel, and use a knife to put the paint over to the side. Once there and clean, I lay a sheet of Stretch-Tite over it and seal the edges, removing as much air as possible. The paint usually stays pliable for a few days, depending upon the original paint’s oil content.

Stretch tite 1.jpg

If I am plein-air painting? Sam-eish method. Clean the palette, keep the paint to the side, and wrap it in Stretch-Tite. One extra step: put it in the freezer! The paint stays pliable until the next time I paint outside. The downside? I forget I put the palette in there.

Why Stretch-Tite (I’m not getting paid for this)? Because it actually sticks! I don’t know of another plastic wrap that actually adheres to a palette surface. I find Stretch-Tite at Market Basket, otherwise, it seems like it is a little hard to come by. Where do you find yours? If you have other ways to protect and save your oil paint, let me know!

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