A Series of Violets


I try to paint as many violets as I can before they take over my garden and I tire of their populous ways. The paintings are typically tiny, just like the little purple blooms. When they first appear, I am so glad to see their purple faces nestled in with the bright green leaves. They scatter throughout my garden beds, speckling the dark earth with purple and green dots. Here are a few of the images I managed to complete prior to their passing.


Violets and Little Orange Blooms, 8 x 8, oil on panel.


Violets and Bright Orange Light, 10 x 10, oil on panel.


Violets 4, 8 x 8, oil on panel.


Violets 2, 8 x 8, oil on panel.


First Violets, 8 x 8, oil on panel.


Daffodils and Violets, 8 x 8, oil on panel.