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2018 Oil Painting Workshops

Monthly oil painting workshops are held at my studio or on location for landscape work. Workshops are typically full day in length, for one to four days.  Materials are required, and a list will be supplied upon registration.  Among other materials, students will need to bring a portable easel. 

February 17, 9-4    Flower Painting $125  (Full)

Spend a winter's day learning to make quick decisions, utilize broad brush strokes, and use color unabashedly! All while looking at beautiful flowers.  This is a great workshop for all levels.  

March 24, 9-4              Flower Painting $125 (Full)

Would you like to spend the day exploring flower painting using large brushes and loose brush strokes?  participants will explore color mixing and see a painting demonstration in the morning.  After a quick break for lunch, the afternoon will be spent painting bouquets of flowers.  Expect to complete one to two paintings to take home. This is a great workshop for all levels.

April 20-21, 9-4           The Power of Backgrounds $230 (Full)

Depending upon the background, still life and flower paintings can change dramatically.  This two day workshop explores painting, using various backgrounds, over two days.  Students will see painting demonstrations, review color mixing, and paint still life, all while exploring the power of backgrounds.

May 19, 9-4                 Still Life Painting $125 (Full)

Objects placed in relation to one another engage in a visual conversation.  Students will look at the power of composing still life objects, discovering color relationships, and complete their own still life painting in this workshop. This is a great workshop for all levels.

June 23, 9-4                Limited Strokes/Limited Palette  $125 (Full)

Do you get ever get stuck in a painting, working the same part over and over , only to find that you end up with a dull, lifeless image?  This workshop is designed to help participants loosen up and find the essence of a composition by using a limited number of strokes, brushes, and color.  This is a great way to break up with irritating painting habits which tend to prove more cumbersome than liberating.

July 19-20, 2-7            Afternoon Landscape Workshop, Rye, NH $250 (Full)

This late afternoon two day workshop takes place at  Odiorne Point in Rye.  Participants will paint on location and complete several paintings over two sessions.  The light is beautiful and the shadows elongate as the day progresses.  Fee includes admission to the state park.

August 18, 9-4             Flowers and Windows $125 (Full-wait list)

Building on the April workshop related to backgrounds, this workshop incorporates the use of windows and landscape to enhance a flower bouquet.  Participants will learn how to build space between an object (bouquet) and a landscape (through the window) so that neither the window nor the bouquet compete for attention, but instead work together harmoniously. This is a great workshop for all levels.

September 15-16, 9-4     Interiors, Flowers, and Windows  $230 (Full-wait list)

Do you struggle with depicting value, perspective and color convincingly while painting an interior and exterior within the same image? This two day workshop examines the challenge of painting an interior, still life, and the exterior landscape from the window view.   Participants will mix colors together, work on value contrast between the inside and outside, discuss perspective problems, view a painting demo each day, and paint an interior, flowers/still life, and a view out of the window.  All levels are welcome.    

October 20, 9-4           Flower Painting $125 (Full-Wait List)

End of season flowers will be painted in this workshop.  We will spend the day learning to make quick decisions, utilize broad brush strokes, and use color unabashedly! This is a great workshop for all levels.  


NEW  November 3, 9-4    Flower Painting (Full-wait List)

Due to demand, I'm adding one more flower painting workshop!  Fall blooms and windows will be our focus for the day, using loose brush strokes and abundant paint and color.  This workshop is for all levels.

TO REGISTER: Click below, complete the form, and I will be in touch with details!



One day workshops cost $125.  Two Day workshops are $230 (except landscape workshop). Space is limited and they fill quickly, so make sure to sign up if you have interest.  
To register,
 email me and send checks to Amy Brnger Art & Paperworks, 855 Islington Street, Studio 325, Portsmouth, NH  03801.  Checks need to be received within one week of registration in order to hold your spot.  Supply lists will be sent to participants approximately one month prior to each workshop.

Once you have registered (see above in bold) and completed payment, you will receive your course confirmation, and supply list by email.

Full payment must accompany your registration. A $30 fee will be charged for checks returned for insufficient funds. Classes that do not meet minimum enrollment requirements will be canceled, typically two to four business days before the class begins. Registered students will be notified and refunded in full.


Adults 18 or older may register  workshops. Students under 18 require special permission. Amy Brnger Art and Paperworks reserves the right to cancel courses, change course times, and limit enrollment. The student agrees to abide by any and all rules of the studio. Amy Brnger Art and Paperworks will assume no responsibility for any loss, personal or physical. 


100% Refund: Student must withdraw at least 6 business days prior to the start of class. There will be a $25 processing fee for withdrawing.

50% Refund: Issued when a student withdraws 5 business days or less from the start of the class. There will be a $25 processing fee for withdrawing.


If Amy Brnger Art & Paperworks cancels a course, all fees will be refunded.


Inside workshops are held at The Button Factory, 855 Islington Street, Studio 325 (third floor-no elevator), in Portsmouth, unless otherwise noted. Courses that take place at an offsite location (ie. plein-air) will include addresses and directions in the registration information.